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Super Fildena Super Fildena serves the best combination of Sildenafil Citrate and Dapoxetine. The medicine improves erectile performance in men by reducing penile strains responsible for weakened erections. The drug is a dual action formula which is also effective in dealing with Premature Ejaculation. A single pill does magic by remarkably reducing erectile failures and improving ejaculatory control in men. The combination of the basics makes it a super effective formula serving the best drug for men experiencing both PE and ED while making love. The dual effects make him a perfect man with natural erectile and ejaculatory abilities. The tablets help men experience finest results without any worries of failures and erectile breakdowns. The drug makes sex an enjoyable experience with the natural bliss. Super Fildena enables a sexually aroused man feel the passionate results and enjoy long lasting satisfaction without any complications.


CAS No. 171599-83-0
Brand Fildena
Name Super Fildena
Generic Name Sildenafil and Dapoxetine Tablets
Composition Each film coated tablet contains Sildenafil Citrate eq. to Sildenafil Citrate 100mg. Dapoxetine Hydrochloride eq. to Dapoxetine 60mg.
Formula C28H38N6O11S
Molecular Weight 536.1mg
Synonyms 1-[[3-(6,7-Dihydro-1-methyl-7-oxo-3-propyl-1H-pyrazolo[4,3-d]pyrimidin-5-yl)-4-ethoxyphenyl]sulfonyl]-4-methylpiperazine citrate
Hardness 19'53" Minutes in water
Color Green
Shape Triangle Shaped
Dosage Form 160mg Tablets
Purity 98%~101%
Validity 30 Months from the Mfd. Date
Packaging 4's
Minimum Order Quantity 8


What is Fildena Super?

Fildena Super is a mixture of two drugs combined together to achieve the maximum improvement in sexual disorders related to men. These diamond shaped yellow colored pills are manufactured by Fortune Healthcare, located in India. It is a high potency drug with 100 mg of sildenafil citrate and 60 mg of Duloxetine in it. Present in the form of conventional tablets, these are to be consumed with water half an hour before anticipated sex in order to achieve full sexual arousal and harder erections. It also prevents its users from ejaculating beforehand and ensures longer and better sexual intercourse. Sildenafil present in this drug works efficiently to allow more blood flow towards penis to achieve full erections while Duloxetine allows the user to ejaculate at peak time. The medicine should not be used in combination with other ED medicine for this combination can cause severe hypotension. Children, women, and men who are allergic to either sildenafil or Duloxetine must avoid this drug.

Recommended Doses and Duration of Therapy

Fildena Super should be used 30 to 60 minutes prior to initiating a sexual activity. This permits the body to absorb the drug well as it’s taken orally. To have perfect results, this medication should be taken with an empty stomach because a fatty meal may hinder its absorption, therefore, delays its onset of action. It can be used as and when the user feels the need of taking it. However, it must be kept in mind that the user must not consume more than one pill in 24 hours.

Side Effects and Warnings

Dizziness, headache, light headedness and flushing might occur as the adverse effects of Sildenafil. In addition, it can also cause stomach upset and nosebleed. The patient might experience trouble sleeping. Edema of hands, ankles and feet may occur. Visional problems such as increased sensitivity towards the light, blurred vision, or trouble perceiving blue and green colors apart may also happen. If any of these effects persist or worsen, the patient should call the doctor or pay a visit.

Drug Interactions

Care should be taken in people who take protease inhibitors for the treatment of HIV. Protease inhibitors inhibit the decomposition of sildenafil, effectively increasing the plasma levels of sildenafil. They also increase the incidence and severity of side effects & interactions. Those using protease inhibitors should limit their use of sildenafil to no more than one 25-mg dose every 48 hours. Other drugs that interfere with the decomposition of sildenafil citrate include erythromycin and cimetidine, both of which can also lead prolongation of the plasma half-life levels of the drug. The use of sildenafil and an alpha-blocker at the same time may lead to hypotension, but this effect does not occur if they are taken at least four hours before.

Customer Reviews

Waylon Rodriguez gave his comment on an online pharmacy website He mentioned how the combination of Sildenafil and Duloxetine in Fildena Super allowed him to “deal with PE and moderate ED issue”. He called the formula of this drug as “great combination” and said that it relieved sexual issues “within minutes”.

Delbert Franco gave Fildena Super a maximum rating after saying that it is “cheap and effective”. He called it a solution for impotence issues. He also mentioned that this drug was so effective that he did not need to consume other ED medicines to treat his erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation issues. Cyrus shared about his problem of being allergic to Tadalafil and told how Fildena “works great” on him. He also called Fildena Super as “as icing on the cake” because of its dual active components

Fildena Super Price, Dosage, and Available Forms

Fildena Super can be obtained from The unit price per pill is set at 5.50 US dollars. A packet consisting of ten pills can be bought at a price of 55 dollars.

Fildena Super is to be taken half an hour to an hour before engaging in a sexual activity to achieve desired effects. One pill of this drug with two active components is enough to work for at least 6 hours straight. The therapy can be continued for as long as it is required by the user. A consultation with the doctor is beneficial in this regard as well. provides shipping service worldwide to all the areas of the USA, Canada, Australia and other countries. It is a great source for the customers who wish to get Fildena Super delivered to their doorstep. 30 pills of Fildena Super can be bought for 90 US Dollars. Shipping services can be availed after paying extra charges of 9.99 Dollars. also delivers Fildena Super to different countries of the world. However, it has clearly mentioned that it doesn’t provide shipping services to a number of countries that include Afghanistan, Canada, China, the UAE, Sweden and other countries.

Sex is a pain reliever, but if sex organ gets the pain then we certainly need some effective solution to relieve it. The pain is nothing but impotence or Erectile Dysfunction. The sexual condition is the inability of the sexually aroused man to attain erection. Super Fildena serves a powerful formula to deal with such erotic disasters and promote healthy living. The drug is an ultimate combination of Sildenafil Citrate and Dapoxetine in the proportionate dosage. The medicine allows a sexually aroused man to attain an erection effortlessly without leaving any chances of failures. ED in men is the most disturbing case of all. The sexual inability can be easily refrained with the help of these power packed drugs. This form of Fildena serves a dual action treatment which works on Premature Ejaculation as well. This is a sexual disability where men ejaculate earlier; i.e. before the women gets an orgasm. Super Fildena makes sex enjoyable rather than pressurizing. The drug should be consumed at-least 30 minutes prior to sexual indulgence. This makes it easier for the sexually aroused man to attain erection which stays active for longer period. The active ingredient Sildenafil Citrate is blended in the strength of 100 mg. This is the standard composition of the drug. The medicine allows a sexually aroused man easily get an erection which is harder and stronger enough to attain the ultimate coital bliss. The Dapoxetine formula serves an effective solution for curing Premature Ejaculation and improving the ejaculatory time in men. Super Fildena gives you the power to be the best in bed. However, to avoid any further complications, it is essential to consume the drug under proper medical assistance. Men with any prolonged health disorders should avoid consuming the drug. The powerful formula should be taken in moderation and the dosage pattern should be kept a tab on. Men with cardiac issues or those who are on the routine treatment of recreational drugs should consume the medicine under complete medical assistance. Fildena super active 100 mg tends to develop some allergies or reaction on consumption, but these are normal and nothing to worry about. Like other pharmaceutical drugs, even Fildena has some of its contra-indication which cannot be avoided. In case of sensitivities in digesting ED drugs, the medicine should be mandatorily consumed under medical supervision.

Fildena Availability and Price

Fildena super active when it comes to availability since the drug has no restrictions for its sale. The drug has an international and widespread reach and can be found in almost every locality worldwide. The pioneer drug can be accessed in almost all ground pharmacies and is also available in a great number of online drugstores.

Fildena products, on the other hand, are only found mostly in India and some select locations (Europe, Africa, and some Asian nations). The drug, however, cannot be domestically located in the United States due to the existing patent protection for Viagra. Nevertheless, Fildena buy is prevalent mostly online and can be somehow availed by almost every patient from any part of the world. Both drugs are prescription-only products; but, there are online stores which allow buyers to procure any of the two products without even asking the patients to provide proof that they are qualified to take Sildenafil for their condition.

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